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Gas and operating time meters, counting mechanisms, etc. COUNTER

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying gas and operating time meters, counting mechanisms for water meters, medical devices, accessories. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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Counterpribor has been a developer and manufacturer of energy metering devices for more than 10 years. Modern high-precision equipment manufactured in Germany, Switzerland and Japan, as well as highly qualified personnel, make it possible to manufacture metal and plastic parts of complex configuration, high quality. The company has a reserve of space and production capacity for the organization of new directions.
  • production

    The factory has a well-established production cycle, only proven environmentally friendly materials are used.
  • experience

    The company COUNTERPRIBOR is able to develop and manufacture complex technological equipment in the shortest possible time and launch any product into mass production thanks to its many years of experience and highly qualified specialists.
  • quality

    The high quality of the devices is ensured by cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Management Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as two universities of the city of Orel.


Gas and operating time meters, counting mechanisms for water meters, medical devices, accessories
  • Electricity meters SCHETPRIBOR
    Electricity meters
    SEA-100, etc.
  • Household gas meters SCHETPRIBOR
    Household gas meters
    SRS G-1.6, etc.
  • Utility gas meters SCHETPRIBOR
    Utility gas meters
    SGD-K and others.
  • Gas pollution detectors SCHETPRIBOR
    Gas pollution detectors
    SZS-2, DZS-1, etc.
  • Water meters SCHETPRIBOR
    Water meters
    SV et al .
  • Heat meters SCHETPRIBOR
    Heat meters
    SHH , etc .
  • Operating time counters SCHETPRIBOR
    Operating time counters
    CHI-0005, SVN-2-01, etc.
  • Counting mechanisms SCHETPRIBOR
    Counting mechanisms
    MSI-20, MSI-32, etc.
  • Accessories SCHETPRIBOR
    procedural hours, etc.

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